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DER (Designated Employer Representative) TRAINING

This class is a must for any DER, the person who is handling your company’s drug and alcohol safety program. There are many perplexing situations that you handle for your company as the DER. This course covers diligence, new hiring procedures, adulteration/substitution, and the positive drug user. It will also cover Post Accident Testing, Return to Duty, Follow-up Testing, using a qualified DOT Certified SAP, Random Pools, and Interpreting Test Results. There will also be discussion on the interaction between the Lab, Medical Review Officer, and the DER. Attendees will be provided suggestions and materials to help them comply with the regulations.



This training will qualify supervisors to make reasonable suspicion determinations and will meet all DOT Supervisor Training Requirements and Montana State Law requirements. You will learn the effects of drugs and alcohol: physical, mental, behavior, productivity, accidents, conflicts, and personal life. The supervisor will learn to recognize impairment, remove from position, and refer for evaluation. You will receive the required certification after this session.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing – the initial contact to the collector must be certified to make such call.  The collector cannot follow through with testing if the initial contact is not certified. Federal Law (DOT) requires at least one person to be certified at all times for compliance. Montana State Law requires annual certification for any company endorsing and listed as have a drug-free workplace program. This applies to any new company implementing a DOT required drug-free workplace program or for a Non-DOT drug-free workplace program, or for ANY existing company bringing on new supervisors. TRAINING AND EDUCATION IS KEY.  



This training addresses what the employees need to be aware of concerning their drug and alcohol policy as well as the employer’s drug and alcohol testing program. We will also discuss the various types of drugs found in the workplace setting and what your employer is obligated to do to enforce a drug-free workplace. Employees will also be informed and instructed on how to approach situations where their co-workers may be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Employees will be trained to know their roles and responsibilities as well as those of their supervisors and Designated Employer Representative.



Montana statute and case law support the employer who chooses to exclude marijuana from the workplace. Learn about strategies and policies.

  • “Please note that marijuana remains a drug listed in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act”
  • Marijuana has been linked to memory loss and difficulty with problem solving. Today’s marijuana is 30 times more potent than that of the 70s and 80s and more intense effects. Marijuana users do experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit and become irritable, experience anxiety and are restless. Frequent users of marijuana are more likely to engage in violent behavior than those who do not use.



The Department of Transportation regulations and guidelines require medical evaluation to ensure that employees are able to function safely. Learn about the conditions and medications which can put your employee, your company, and the public in danger.



The U.S. Department of Education’s Student Drug-Testing Institute  provides timely information on many aspects of student drug-testing (SDT) programs, including the necessary components of developing an SDT program, implementing a confidential and effective program, and sustaining a program to promote drug-free students for the future. Student Drug-Testing Program

Record percentages of substance abuse have been reported in the following areas: cigarettes; marijuana, cocaine; uppers, downers; inhalants and hallucinogens. Some Montana school districts are adopting the policies of testing students. The following is an excerpt from the Glasgow Public Schools Student Drug Testing Consent Form (

“CONSENT BEFORE PARTICIPATION: Each Activity Student shall be provided with a copy of the Activity Student Drug Testing Policy and this Student Drug Testing Consent, which shall be read, signed and dated by the Activity Student, parent or custodial guardian, and coach/sponsor, and returned to the school administration before such student shall be eligible to practice or participate in any activities. The Activity Student (and parent/guardian if student is under18) shall sign this Consent before beginning practice or participation in any activities. The consent allows Glasgow Public Schools to obtain a urine sample from each Activity Student: a) annually before participation in extra-curricular activities; b) if chosen by the random selection basis; and c) at any time based on a reasonable suspicion to be tested for illegal drugs.”

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